8 Must-Have Cigar Accessories

When you think of accessories, you probably think of extraneous, optional items. But when it comes to cigars, some accessories are essential. To get the most out of your smoking experience, these are the cigar accessories you need.

Essential Cigar Accessories

Humidor: A humidor keeps your cigars fresh and maintains the proper environment to preserve the notes, flavors, and appearance of your cigars. No matter the size of your collection, you need a humidor.

Travel Humidor: Plan to enjoy a cigar on the go? Taking a few of your favorites on vacation? A small, portable travel humidor will keep your cigars in perfect shape. For a more economical option, opt for a cigar bag – but be aware that they will not protect your cigars as well as a hard-sided box.

Cigar Case: You cannot match the sophistication of a cedar-lined leather cigar case. Whether you are enjoying them yourself or sharing with a friend, you’ll feel like a million bucks when you pull your favorite cigar out of this elegant-looking cigar accessory.

Cigar Cutter: A poor cut can damage a cigar and ruin the smoking experience. Invest in a good cigar cutter to ensure a sharp, quick, and precise cut.

Lighter: The wrong lighter can impart an undesired flavor into your cigar or scorch the end of it, so do not settle for a cheap lighter. Instead, use a high-quality lighter designed specifically for lighting cigars.

Ashtray: An ashtray allows you to put down your cigar safely while it is still lit. Since smoking a single cigar can take an hour or more, you probably do not want to hold it the entire time. An ashtray designed for cigars will give you the freedom to put it down safely.

Cigar Clip: You buy cigars to enjoy, so enjoy the whole thing with a cigar clip. This cigar accessory allows you to enjoy your cigar down to the end without burning your fingers. 

Hygrometer: If you have a high-end humidor, it probably comes with a hygrometer to measure the environmental humidity. But if your humidor does not have one built-in, this is a cigar accessory you need to ensure that the conditions are optimal within your humidor.

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